4 February 2018

Another first from SaaScada

Raspberry Pis all around for SaaScada

SaaScada is the first team of developers in the world able to connect with the RBS/Ulster Bank’s open Application Programming Interface (API) winning Raspberry Pis for the whole team!

The team that launched UK’s first challenger banking platform achieved this first at the weekend at the RBS/Ulster Bank’s third annual coding jamboree; the Hackathon.

Open banking APIs are key to a revolution about to take place in the way we and payments intermediaries interact with the banking system.

By 2019 banks will be required to provide opening banking APIs to payments providers and other intermediaries enabling access to client’s accounts to execute transactions on demand.

Winning the award shows SaaScada’s expertise, professionalism, innovation and the ability to deliver in a pressurised environment.

SaaScada leading the way!


SaaScada is the company that houses the team that built the UK’s first challenger banking platform.
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