Built to enable swift, cost effective creation of any financial product, drive ongoing innovation and unlock real-time customer insights.

Our Core Banking Engine

Our core banking engine was born in the cloud. SaaScada uses cloud-native software architecture and infrastructure to deliver a flexible yet highly scalable ledger system, a refreshingly simple product management approach and plug and play integration frameworks.

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At the heart of our core banking engine is the SaaScada Transaction Processor (TRX or T-Rex for short). We built the T-Rex for maximum throughput using the scale benefits of a noSQL database and the precision/traceability of event sourcing architecture. Optimised for write operations and decision logic, the T-Rex publishes events for consumption by our read only data projections which provide the query side of our ledger system. This architecture, known as Command Query Responsibility Segregation represents an industry-first in core banking ledger technology and the key to unlocking real-time data insights.

Customer Accounts & Wallets

Customer Accounts & Wallets

Combine a wide variety of capabilities into a single customer account using our flexible, multi-currency ledgers.

Each customer account consists of one or more ledgers, referred to as wallets. Wallets can be used to satisfy a wide range of use cases, including:

  • savings pots & budgeting
  • FX & crypto
  • BNPL transactions

Launch innovative features and explore new business models by taking control of inbound and outbound transaction routing between customer accounts/wallets and your chosen card processors, payment gateways, agency banks, crypto exchanges, and FX providers.

Account Holder Permissions

Account Holder Permissions

Securely access our API in the context of a customer using our dedicated identity and authorisation services.

Define users and manage access to customer accounts and associated data using role-based access permissions.

Integrate your preferred identity provider and reuse existing authentication flows for user provisioning and interaction with our customer account APIs.

Event Driven Data Insights

Event Driven Data Insights

Our core uses command query responsibility segregation (CQRS) and event sourcing to provide scalable, secure and consistent transaction throughput whilst exposing a rich data stream to a variety of consumers.

We consume our own event stream to feed a wide range of datasets known as ‘projections’ that drive the querying side of our platform and remove the emphasis on upfront requirements analysis. All transactional events are stored indefinitely, allowing new projections to be generated at any time based on historic data.

Ultimately though, it’s your data and we pride ourselves in unlocking the value it contains. Consume our event stream natively or via webhooks from your own systems to enable a wide range of use cases:

  • Sending push notifications to customers
  • Building reports for compliance, risk and audit purposes
  • Driving KPI dashboards and monitoring key metrics
  • Monitoring transactions
  • Populating your own data lake
  • Data enrichment and machine learning

Product Management

Unlike many core banking systems, SaaScada does not offer a suite of product bolt-ons or costly optional modules. Our universal Product API provides access to our full spectrum of financial product-related features, complemented by on a crystal clear, per account per month pricing model. Configure a wide range of products using templates inside the SaaScada Portal or go direct to our Product API and create your own innovations we haven’t even thought of yet!



Define a wide range of deposit and lending products from our pre-configured product types or leverage our Product APIs to create your own innovative products.

Govern how customer accounts will behave and define a wide range of wallet types for them to choose from.

Wallets can hold any asset; Fiat, Crypto, Gold, Coffee – in fact, anything that can be exchanged via an API can be stored.

Define a wide range of transactional fees against 50+ transaction types and extend even further by incorporating your own schema of transaction sub types.

Setup recurring fees based on a highly configurable schedule for each product and define fee templates for operational users to govern how ad hoc fees can be applied to accounts.

Product Versions

Product Versions

Keep track of all product changes through product versions/issues and govern publishing through a product approval workflow.

Keep customers aligned to your latest product issue (current accounts, savings accounts), retain a subset of product issues (fixed term deposits) or override all product settings at account level to deliver a truly personalised experience on each account (wealth management).

Interest Rates & Rate Sources

Interest Rates & Rate Sources

Manage interest rates centrally for variable interest products/accounts using rate sources. Variable interest products can encompass a hierarchy of base rate sources and linked rate sources, each containing an independent list of rates for a given time period.

Combine rates sources with and product/account level mark-up rates to achieve a cumulative rate that offers flexibility, control and operational efficiency.

Integration Frameworks

Our integration frameworks connect external transactions into our ledger allowing institutions to offer a broad range of functionality within a single account. Each wallet within a SaaScada account can be connected to one or more card identifiers or banking addresses. Transaction flow can then be manipulated through a configurable set of routing rules and transactional fee structures maintained internally within the core banking engine.

Agency Banking/Payments

Agency Banking/Payments

Allow customers to send and receive money using any combination of local and international payment rails/schemes such as SEPA, FPS, CHAPS, BACS, ACH, SWIFT, SIC, EuroSIC etc.

Disconnect customer payment orders from underlying service providers and route payments intelligently based on a variety of factors such as cost, risk and liquidity requirements.

Remain compliant and manage risk with our payment approval workflow engine. Configure rules at product or customer account level to govern approval amount triggers, number of approvers required, daily transaction limits and single transaction limits.

Credit and Debit Cards

Credit and Debit Cards

Integrate with your chosen card processor/issuer and link one or more debit/credit cards to a single customer account.

As the system of record, we sit inside the VISA/Mastercard authorisation chain, enabling complete real-time control and decision making across the full spectrum of card present, e-commerce and MOTO transactions.

Easily freeze cards linked to customer accounts and implement a wide variety of dynamic spending controls uniquely tailored to each customer.

Route foreign currency purchases to corresponding FX wallets and avoid hefty scheme conversion fees.

Asset Exchanges

Asset Exchanges

Store any fiat or non-fiat asset inside a wallet – whether it be FX, crypto, equities, gold or loyalty points we have you covered.

Buy and sell any asset by integrating our asset exchange protocols with your chosen exchange APIs using real-time or bulk settlement flows.

Charge FX fees without incurring FX costs by holding FX positions in your institutional accounts and using these to settle customer transactions.

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