4 February 2018

Banking on Real Global Change

SaaScada today announces its first major partnership in North America to deliver its innovative integrated banking platform with access to over 30 million customers.

SaaScada is the company that developed the concept, built the banking platform and launched the industry leading Change Account.

The partnership with Axcess Canada who provide a range of technical services to the financial industry will enable a number of international organizations to benefit from a fully functioning current account delivered through a high quality, low cost banking platform.

Steve Round at SaaScada “My aim has always been to enable as many people to have access to the banking system globally. The platform reduces the barriers to entry enabling both banks and other organizations to offer a fully transactional account”.

This exciting partnership shows our commitment to delivering our aim. SaaScada are currently in discussions with other potential international partners who also want to offer a low cost transactional account to a range of customers.

Nelson Wootton at SaaScada “We are delighted to be working with Axcess Canada as our partner in North America. Their trusted brand and global reach brings this innovative, disruptive product to millions of new users.

Our aim has always been to provide an alternative to traditional banking models by providing a low cost user friendly product for end users that is feature packed and accessible to all.”

Tim Magill at Axcess Canada said “The announcement of this partnership could be game changing as we work with organizations with over 30 million customers across North America and Mexico.

We chose SaaScada because the senior team were not only highly skilled but had already delivered an innovative banking platform and proved that they had the correct cultural fit for us and were flexible in delivering what we required.”


SaaScada is the company that houses the team that built the Accord Banking Platform which powers the innovative Change Account.

Steve Round is the Founder of The Change Account, Chair at Ecology Building Society and Chair at The Big Issue Foundation

Nelson Wootton works across a number of industries providing innovative technology solutions. A dynamic and enthusiastic senior executive with over 25 years experience in IT and 18 years experience in management. A results focused individual who has a real passion for business and delivery of shareholder value with a strong track record of delivering complex global IT systems. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit have enabled Nelson to develop strong leadership skills.

Axcess Canada was established and officially launched in September 2007 as a key distributor of a number of highly configurable technology platforms in the Financial Services sector in Canada. These include the Accord Banking Platform. Since that launch Axcess Canada have expanded to support clients in the UK, Europe and across North America. We provide complete software support for our global customers in many sectors including full business analytics to assist in product creation and/or optimization due to market or regulatory changes.

Tim Magill is the President & Managing Director of Global Business Development for Axcess Canada Inc.


Steve Round                 steve@saascada.com     +447855 224886
Nelson Wootton           nelson@saascada.com   +447957 651906
Tim Magill                     tim.magill@axcesscanada.com +1(888)883-2852 Ext 401

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