23 July 2021

SaaScada’s Race to Net Zero – Achieving The Triple Bottom Line

For some time, customers have wanted to buy from ethical brands, but now they are going one step further – they are choosing brands which are sustainably ethical. 

Increasingly, businesses are looking at more than one bottom line.  Instead they are looking at the triple bottom line – profit, people, and the planet.  This is with good reason, running a sustainable business is not just good for the planet, it can be correlated with the prosperity of the company. Reduced business costs, more innovative strategies, an improved reputation, and a greater number of new customers are just some of the benefits businesses see when they make the decision to look at the triple bottom line.

Businesses can influence customer (and wider-market) behaviour.  They have a responsibility to drive positive and systematic societal changes through repurposing existing business structures and developing innovative solutions that can provide benefits to their customers, and in turn increase the positive social and environmental impact of businesses.

Sustainability is in SaaScada’s fabric.  SaaScada was co-founded by successful entrepreneur Steve Round, former Chair of The Big Issue Foundation and current Chair of Ecology Building Society. Steve also sits on the board of Centenary Bank, which, along with Ecology Building Society, are members of The Global Alliance for Banking on Values.  SaaScada’s world class technology is overseen by CEO and co-founder Nelson Wootton.  Nelson has over 25 years experience in software development and financial services, and was involved in the scaling of businesses such as iRIS, Axcess Canada and Facewatch.   SaaScada is perfectly positioned to lead the way on initiatives such as The Race to Net Zero.

​Financial Services providers can and should make a significant impact in the race to Net Zero. All of these providers should not only be challenging themselves but also their suppliers to have a Net Zero plan.

SaaScada is leading the way for cloud-native banking solutions by being the first to commit to achieving net zero. Net zero differs from ‘carbon neutral’ as this can be achieved by simply offsetting the carbon emissions of a business or home; whereas net zero means reducing emissions to their lowest amount through energy efficient measures, and only then using an offsetting initiative to balance remaining unchanged practices to remove emissions.

As a business, SaaScada will achieve Net Zero but data from its unique cloud-based banking platform will enable banks and their customers to measure their own carbon footprint. 

Achieving Net Zero is a process – one that is unique to each company.  SaaScada will be sharing updates on its ongoing efforts, and will be constantly reevaluating its targets.  SaaScada’s Net Zero targets will be transparent and ambitious, anchored in science.   SaaScada will also be aligning its values and purpose to support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. 

Read more about SaaScada or get in touch to find out how SaaScada can help your organisation in achieving Net Zero 

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