3 June 2024

Why choose SaaScada?

In this video we thought we would go back to basics to look at why we think banks should be using SaaScada’s core banking technology.

We could wax lyrical about what makes us unique but we have plenty of other videos that do that.  At the end of the day we exist because at the heart of it, despite all their differentiation, all banks will have a range of things in common. It is what we call the boring bits of banking. It is the pipe work, the infrastructure that makes sure that all records of money going in and money going out are recorded.  It is making sure that products behave as you expect them to, according to your propositional requirements.

What sits on top, the things that make a bank different, is where banks should be spending their money.  We exist to do all the bits that sit in the background – the things that make banks the same. Don’t do it yourself, we can do it better, cheaper and faster, so that you can spend your time and resource on everything that makes you different.

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