12 April 2024

XTONiQ partners with SaaScada to accelerate digital-first, cloud banking adoption in the Swiss market.

The Zurich-based software development specialist to leverage SaaScada as it builds modern banking and financial products for its clients.

We are excited to announce a new partnership between XTONiQ Soft AG and SaaScada. This partnership pairs XTONiQ services in software development with SaaScada’s data-driven core banking technology. The result provides more financial services firms with both front-and back-end development services and a cloud banking platform to empower them to create feature rich product offerings and seamless real-time customer experiences.

SaaScada’s cloud banking platform offers a next-gen core banking technology making it possible for financial institutions of all sizes to build a suite of feature-rich products including current accounts, savings, investments, and lending.  SaaScada’s multi-ledger approach also enables these same features to be utilized for integral digital wallets to hold everything from FIAT and crypto through to cash-back rewards and investments ranging from ETFs to wine – all in one account.

Underpinned by SaaScada’s data-driven core banking engine, XTONiQ can build bespoke, digital-first banking and financial solutions for its clients. XTONiQ brings to SaaScada clients in-region expertise, including connection to Swiss payment rails and adherence to local regulatory requirements. Combined with XTONiQ’s expertise in software development and engineering services for the banking, wealth management, fintech and insurance sectors, the partnership provides a powerful proposition to the market.

Nelson Wootton, CEO and Co-Founder of SaaScada, states: “Together with XTONIQ, we share the view that seamless customer journeys are essential for driving customer satisfaction and business growth. SaaScada’s data-driven core enables us to support XTONIQ in delivering unrivalled customer interactions for their clients, removing friction and barriers to adoption.  We look forward to working with XTONIQ to deliver innovation for a wide range of financial services firms, enabling them to build feature-rich products and market-leading digital experiences for their customers.”

Elmo Ninier, CEO and Co-Founder at XTONiQ, shares: “By uniting forces with SaaScada we can offer our customers more efficient ways of integrating our digital and fintech services around SaaScada the innovative Core Banking system, while continuing to lead innovation in this space tailored to the client’s needs across a highly flexible core banking system. By combining our expertise in software engineering with SaaScada’s advanced digital SaaS platform, we can provide clients with reliable banking and fintech solutions that are tailored to their unique needs. This will enable us to offer the market a robust platform that is secure, compliant, and able to incorporate the latest trends in banking technology while still meeting all the necessary regulatory standards for financial institutions.”


About SaaScada

SaaScada is a NextGen data-driven core banking engine built using cloud-native technology to deliver lightning-fast data speeds and flexibility. SaaScada’s unified product hub makes it easier, cheaper & faster to build a range of feature-rich products to deliver great customer outcomes via open APIs to the partner eco-system.

About XTONiQ

XTONIQ is a full-service custom software development company, that focuses on fintech and digital initiatives and can manage digital development throughout the entire lifecycle: starting with strategic planning and UX/UI design, through Front-End and APIs applications development, to technical delivery, production maintenance, and support – all delivered with quality and fast agility to effectively support businesses in new generation banking and financial industries.

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