25 June 2024

How can financial institutions future proof technology?

In reality it is incredibly hard to do. Readiness to harness new technology and the ability to build better customer insights will be incredibly important for any financial institution in coming years.

The key is ultimately being able to swap in and out different components of your technology stack to enable you to adapt as new trends and technologies emerge. In particular, people are going to be doubling down on AI, so data is going to be essential for success with AI.

CRM has traditionally been seen as the central source of truth, driven mostly by the bank and not the customer. With greater access to data in the core, the ability to know more about your customers will grow exponentially – and those using legacy cores are going to left behind. For ultimate flexibility and agile data rich core is going being vital.

Now is the time to get the right core technology in place to enable tech flexibility and deliver better data about the behaviours of customers. Nelson explains in this video.

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