10 July 2024

SaaScada and Partes enter into strategic partnership for embedded finance in Switzerland 

Zurich, 09.07.2024 – Partes Ltd and SaaScada have announced a strategic partnership for the Swiss market. This collaboration will allow to offer state-of-the-art core banking software and embedded finance solutions tailored to the specific needs of the Swiss financial industry. In addition, Partes will provide Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) services -built on the SaaScada platform. With this partnership, the partners aim to establish an alternative platform to existing core banking solutions in Switzerland and enable a controlled transformation to a modern system architecture. 

Nelson Wootton, CEO and Co-Founder of SaaScada & André Renfer, CEO and Co-Founder of Partes

Financial services are being modularised and integrated directly into customers’ lives through open banking, embedded finance and contextual banking. This enables financial institutions to reach new customers, platforms to expand their offering and consumers to enjoy seamlessly integrated services. This disruption requires a technologically flexible and efficient infrastructure and a cultural rethink towards horizontal value creation. 

Innovative financial solutions for the Swiss market 

The partnership between Partes AG and SaaScada aims to accelerate the transformation of the financial services industry by providing innovative, flexible and scalable banking and software-as-a-service services. Partes AG, known for its customised innovative embedded finance solutions, and SaaScada, a leading provider of cloud-native core banking platforms in Europe, are combining their strengths to deliver best-in-class solutions to financial institutions in Switzerland. 

Advantages of the partnership 

André Renfer, CEO and co-founder of Partes AG, is one of Switzerland’s leading figures in the field of embedded finance and banking-as-a-service. He has successfully implemented and shaped numerous pioneering projects in this area in the past. 

Quote from André Renfer, CEO and co-founder of Partes AG: “Our partnership with SaaScada is the key to the seamless and efficient integration of financial services into our customers’ existing user journeys. This not only reduces complexity, but also accelerates the market launch of new products.” 

Challenges facing today’s banks 

Today’s banks are no longer able to be flexible and customer-centric with their current core banking solutions. Partes’ partnership with SaaScada offers a much-needed alternative that enables banks to adapt faster, innovate and establish themselves as the preferred provider in the financial sector in the future. 

“SaaScada’s microservice architecture and flexible product engine offer unrivalled scalability and adaptability. By working with Partes, we can pass on these benefits directly to Swiss financial institutions and help them to respond with agility to market changes,” comments Nelson Wootton, CEO and Co-founder of SaaScada, on the partnership. 

With the introduction of Banking-as-a-Service based on the SaaScada platform, Partes is able to offer its customers a comprehensive and flexible solution that enables them to expand their financial services quickly and efficiently. The platform enables banks to achieve a controlled digital transformation and reduces dependency on existing legacy technology. 

The Partes orchestration platform makes this possible. It maps the business processes in the areas of account management, payment transactions, payment cards, lending, etc., including credit rating, data analysis and KYC in the ecosystem and interacts with the brands and financial institutions using efficient APIs. 

“Our mission is to make financial services more accessible and user-friendly in a completely new way! Together with SaaScada, we can offer a customised solution that is precisely tailored to the needs of end customers,” says André Renfer. 

About Partes 

Partes is a leading provider of Swiss made Banking Products as a Service (Embedded Finance) and enables companies to seamlessly integrate financial services into their existing products and services. With innovative solutions, companies can take full advantage of the embedded finance concept and offer their customers a first-class financial experience. 

From strategic reflection on the embedded finance business model, through the integration of payment processing and lending, to the operation and provision of compliance and risk management by Partes – the optimal financial functions are integrated into the brands’ products and services. 

More information: www.partes.io 

About SaaScada 

SaaScada offers a cloud-native core banking platform with a microservice architecture that reduces system interdependencies at code level and overcomes the challenges of monolithic legacy systems. SaaScada’s real-time data capabilities and flexible product configuration enable financial institutions to design and offer innovative products quickly and efficiently. 

More information: www.saascada.com 

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