9 July 2024

Delivering change with minimal risk

Many core banking systems are not configured in a way that makes it easy to make incremental changes to products or test new product features in a low risk way.

Some older systems will rely on an IT team to implement changes. More modern cores will allow product teams to make changes to product but quite often when making those changes, at the point of roll out the user will be presented with the option to apply those changes to all product holders or perhaps just to new product holders.

We’ve made it possible to create snapshots of products so that the product team can make the changes they want and then trial them on a single customer or to a subset of customers.  This approach is far better for an agile product development process. By rolling out to a small number of customers, our clients can quickly test new features. The same approach can be taken for going into new markets.

Better yet, in support of ongoing innovation, we’ve ensured that when new features are added to SaaScada, everything is backwards compatible.  We roll the changes out in the background so our customers don’t need to undertake time laborious regression testing.

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