29 January 2024

Why we’re doing things differently with data

We regularly hear tales of financial institutions waiting months while their change requests sit in a queue waiting for the new or updated report to be built – usually at a considerable cost. We’ve done things differently because we believe that an institution’s data belongs to them – all of it – when they want it and how they want it.

Our open APIs are in place not only to deliver real-time data to drive real-time customer experiences via the wider partner eco-system for services such as push notifications, but also to ensure that our clients can access the data they want on demand for reporting and customer insight. A full event history can be accessed at any time on demand via our API or in real time via our event stream. We work with clients to produce standardised data feeds to suit their needs or provide full access to unstructured data for consumption via their own data processing pipelines, data warehouses and data lakes.

Find out more about SaaScada’s approach to data in this Podcast with the Payments Association.

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